Moritz Eggert

born in Heidelberg | lives in London and Munich



Moritz Eggert was born in Heidelberg in 1965. After studies in Frankfurt, Munich and London he has expanded his compositional oeuvre constantly, with a special focus on musical theatre (19 operas so far), vocal and instrumental music as well as conceptual and performance works (over 300 so far). His work is often exploring extremes, both in the exaggeration of aspects of the musical material and the physicality of the performers. Contrary to the typical image of “serious” academic music, his music often uses irony, parody or satire as the means to engage an audience, but also doesn’t shy away from emotionality or melody when needed. As a blogger (“Bad Blog of Musick”) and author he is a well-known critical voice in contemporary music, very often discussing current topics of cultural politics like #metoo, gender equality or the misuse of power in classical music.  Among his best-known works are the cycle “Hämmerklavier” for piano solo and the song cycle “Neue Dichter Lieben”. Eggert is a pianist and has also appeared as a conductor, actor and singer on stage.


His current projects include the new soundtrack for Hitchcoks “BLACKMAIL” (arte & ZDF Procuction), which will air in September 2024 and new version of THE DEPTH OF THE FIELD A Soccer Oratorio for Basel with conductor Titus Engel and the Basel Sinfonietta. Also he is working on AI-concerts with his students which will premiere in October 2024.

Moritz Eggert © Astrid Ackermann
Moritz Eggert © Astrid Ackermann