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About the Project

The European Alliance of Academies is made up of arts organisations from all over Europe.


It was set up in 2020 with help from the German Government.


The Alliance believes that:

• Art should not be controlled by any country.

• Artists should be free to make the art they want to make.


Loom – Interweaving the Arts in Europe is a project where artists from all over Europe can show their artwork online.


Artists will be asked to provide artwork that is based on a theme.


The Alliance will choose themes that are linked to important issues happening in the world.


The first theme of the project was biopolitics.

Biopolitics is about the decisions that governments make based on human life and health.


In 2021, during COVID-19, the Alliance asked artists to create some artwork based on biopolitics. Some artists were chosen to create artwork to be shown online.


The arts organisations that are part of the European Alliance of Academies let the artists have some space to make their artwork.


A group of experienced artists from around Europe chose which artworks will be shown online as part of the Loom project.


The group of experienced artists are: • Liesbeth Bik – artist from Germany. • Arnold Dreyblatt – artist and musician from Germany. • Kristoffer Gansing – from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. • Anca Poterasu – from the Romanian Association for Contemporary Art. • Cristina Stonescu – from the Romanian Association for Contemporary Art. • Josip Zanki – artist from Croatia. • Siegfried Zielinski – involved in different types of art in Germany.


Loom – Interweaving the Arts in Europe is supported by the German Government. The Government has helped to pay for the project

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