I can’t remember if was you doing fine or my mistake

The constant narration of an event or experience in the personal or social sphere is one of many mechanisms that memory executes to avoid forgetting.
In such repetition, the memory “wears out” and moves further and further away from the objectivity of the memory and it blurs out from its origin, loaded with other versions and sensations of the person who remembers them, generating another reality.

In my installation, the exercise of repetition manifests itself on the stacked boxes, painted with sensations that I remember deep in my memory.

Modeling paper jars is also an activity to recover a “broken” memory, as if it were a glass jar, which when created on paper is born already broken, just like the chair that appears incomplete and imperfect, like a blur memory that is nothing more than a shadow in the world.

The installation is an exercise about memory that is dislocated with repetition and the search for meaning, as if it were a story that seeks a logic narration but is so dislocated that it is impossible to have a linear and structured memory.

The space of memory that tends towards fiction, is where my interpretation of Márton Simon’s poem H takes place.