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Cécile Wajsbrot

No Rain Today

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      I am looking at my smartphone – at the weather app for the following days. No rain, no cloud. Sunny again.
      It has not been raining for thirty-one days in winter.  Since then, occasionally a kind of tropical pouring rain and a few hours later, nothing left either on the streets nor in the air.
      I have the feeling of living in a southern country though I still 
live in Paris. A merciless sun. Blending. The place where I am writing those few lines is facing south. Once a desirable orientation which has now become unbearable in the summer hours. 
      Paris, I’ve read, is the less adapted city to climate change in Europe. They suggest painting zinc and slate roofs in white, to help absorbing heat. It would be beautiful. It is also alarming. Showing what we didn’t do yet, what we are still not doing.