Karina Pino Gallardo


Performer, Criticist and Theatre-maker.

Master in Performative Arts and Community Spaces (Università degli Studi Roma Tre, Italy 2021), Bachelor in Theatre Criticism and Research (University of Arts, Havana, 2010) and graduated in Acting (National School of Theatre, Havana, 2003).

She has worked as editor and critic in Tablas-Alarcos Publishing House (Havana, 2010-2016). At the same time, between 2012 and 2022 she has directed several plays, performances in Cuba and abroad, and coordinated interdisciplinary projects between Cuban artists and institutions.

Her main interest is to work on social issues and with/to communities, making transdisciplinary intersections and exploring the power of the memory, the document, the object, the image. Nowadays she is a freelancer artist, working with her collective The Trailer, founded with another colleague in 2020 (https://colectivoeltrailer.wixsite.com/sitio-oficial). With this platform she is developing today diverse projects and collaborations.


Artist Karina Pino
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