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Iosif Király

Driving Forward While Looking in the Rearview Mirror

Under this title, several projects about time, memory, and aging are brought together. The selection was inspired by the poem Cement factory, autumn by Mónika Ferencz.

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Reconstructions investigate, through photography, the problem of time and memory, and how we forget and remember.

The Reconstructions are poly-perspectival compound images in which each constitutive photo acts like an information- and-memory bit. The fact that these snapshots are taken of more or less the same place, yet at different times (after some minutes, days, months, years), confers on the final image a spatial coherence and a temporal discontinuity.

Breathing-in, Breathing-out


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“A cat, a pendulum clock

and an old man lying in bed.
It seems like nothing is happening,

but still, time passes…”

Old People Feel The Weather in Their Bones

Old People Feel the Weather in Their Bones is a meditation on the possibilities and limits

of photography to “freeze“ time. This series

of photographs started from my relationship with

my parents, with whom I spent the last 12 years

of their lives. It is a project about memory,

aging, and about the search for normality and

happiness in an oppressive political regime.
Many of these photo assemblages are composed

of family album photographs taken in Romania

during the communist period placed alongside

photos of their aging bodies. There comes a

time in life when you realize you have a lot

of memories (and photographs) and fewer plans

for the future. And that’s worrying.”

Rolling Stones


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“I could be a stone that rolls to dust.

In a cement factory.“