Don’t panic and think green



We should not have the slightest doubt that manmade climate change is real and that we have to do something about it. I will always defend the protests against people who erroneously think that hindering traffic is the worst crime known to mankind.


No, destroying the planet is much, much worse.


But unfortunately the politics of preventing climate change are much more complex than idealism. In a perfect world we would act much quicker and more decisively, and probably we should. But our society is too complex and sometimes also too uneducated about the consequences, because they stay in social media bubbles that feed them lies.


Politicians walk a tight line, as right-wing populists use the purposefully exaggerated threat of an “ecological dictatorship” as click-bait to attract more frustrated voters, mostly of “I-don’t-care-what-happens-after-me” age, pampered by long years of relative peace and stability: my generation, the “baby boomer”-generation, of which I’m ashamed every day. If politicians act too hard with restrictions, the balance may tilt toward the complete opposite in a democracy, as populists in power would immediately stop any action to preserve our planet, and it would get much worse (Brazil under Bolsonaro was a good example for this).


The necessary politics of compromises and constant balancing of interests are extremely difficult to sell – to the rightfully frustrated young people as well as the climate-change deniers. Disappointment runs deep. But it’s the only way, sadly. I fear that only the experience of more catastrophic events (didn’t we have enough already?) will speed up our endeavors, but then it might be too late.


I’m an optimist. I believe in the young generation and  try my best to listen to them. But the responsibility should not only rest with individuals, who can contribute little except being aware of how they travel and how they live (and they should be). The main responsibility should be with the companies or people in power who profit from exploiting our planet in dangerous ways against better sense.


Whatever may be the case – we always have to understand who is doing what for what reason. And in case of doubt, we should always prefer reason. And reason’s answer is very clear regarding climate change. We just need more and more people listening to it.



Moritz Eggert, Composer